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Adhesion: The physical joining of two materials, especially of dissimilar substances like glass and metal.

Adhesive: A substance that provides or promotes adhesion.

AutoSet™: A Harmon-patented invention mounted to the van that helps the installation specialist guide the new windshield into place during a mobile installation.

Cutout: The process of precisely cutting out and removing a damaged windshield.

DOT: U.S. Department of Transportation, the federal agency that oversees the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other transportation-related government organizations.

Expander™: A Harmon-patented tool that safely controls the release of the windshield from the pinchweld during the cutout process.

FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which detail the safety criteria manufacturers must meet in order to conform to regulations. The complete, current regulations may be found here: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

HPR: High Penetration Resistance. HPR windshields are strengthened by using layers of laminated glass and are designed to reduce injuries in the event of accidents.

OEM: Original equipment manufacturer. Original and new parts - including windshields and side glass - purchased directly from the manufacturer for aftermarket use (versus new construction within the factory).

NGA: National Glass Association, the largest trade association specifically for the North American glass industry. NGA represents the architectural, automotive and specialty glass segments of the industry. Its mission is to provide information and education and to promote quality workmanship, ethics and safety in the glass industry.

NGA-Certified: Installation specialists who have met the certification requirements of the National Glass Association. The two levels of certification are:

  • Auto Glass Technician (AGT)
    Minimum of six months work experience in the auto glass industry serving in the position of auto glass installer.
  • Master Auto Glass Technician (MAGT)
    Minimum of five years work experience in the auto glass industry serving in the position of auto glass installer and prior achievement of Senior Auto Glass Technician Level certification.

Nitrile Gloves: Surgical-grade, latex-free synthetic rubber gloves used to prevent oils and dirt from the hands contaminating glass surfaces. Nitrile gloves protect hands from harmful primer, prep and adhesive chemicals.

Perimeter: The outside edge of the windshield where the urethane is applied.

Pinchweld: The one-inch ledge surrounding the opening of the vehicle that supports the windshield. On that pinchweld the urethane adhesive attaches to the glass.

Primers: A chemical undercoat applied to the pinchweld to prepare the surface for optimum urethane adhesion.

Resin: A Harmon AutoGlass proprietary clear liquid substance used to seal crack and breaks in a windshield, thus preventing them from spreading.

Repair OneSM: A proprietary system developed by Harmon AutoGlass to repair breaks before they spread. With the exclusive Repair OneSM process:

  • Moisture and contamination is drawn out of the break with our unique ultra-vacuum system
  • The void created by the near-perfect vacuum is filled with proprietary clear liquid resin
  • The resin is cured with ultra-violet light
  • The permanent high-bonding strength of the resin seals cracks and breaks and prevents them from spreading.

Six Sigma: An elite and regimented quality initiative.

SmarTech™: Harmon AutoGlass's philosophy that manages the environment of the removal and replacement process so that it as closely as possible replicates the original factory seal.
SmarTech™ includes:

  • Best practices
  • Technical information with pictures and step by step instructions
  • Safety standards
  • Valuable "shared-learning" from the men and women of Harmon AutoGlass who repair and replace auto glass every day
  • Training and certification
  • Identification and communication of valuable information and data from the manufacturer. 

Structural Integrity: Your vehicle's ability to retain roof strength and structure during a rollover accident.

Urethane: A colorless or white crystalline compound, CO(NH2)OC2H5 - highly technical chemicals used to bond windshield to metal.

Urethane Bed: The area along the pinchweld where the bead of urethane is applied.

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number. This is a 17-digit combination of letters and numbers that's unique to your vehicle. Your VIN is embossed onto a small plate attached to the dashboard at the bottom left side of your windshield.

Windshield Repair: See Repair OneSM.


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